Work With a Smart Home Integrator to Provide Your Clients With Lutron Lighting Control


Lutron Lighting Control Adds Beauty, Energy Savings, and Ease of Use

As builders, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the high demand for houses with smart home automation. Just check home listings in Reno, NV, and you’ll see mentions of Alexa, smart home thermostats, smart home security systems, and complete home automation. 

You’ll also notice that these homes trend toward the higher price range, appealing to discerning homeowners and consumers. One of the most popular smart home technologies is Lutron lighting control. Let’s look at why homeowners are searching this home automation technology out and how builders can easily integrate this system. 

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The Benefits of Lutron Lighting

Lutron lighting offers the ultimate lighting solution. As a global leader in the quickly expanding smart home market, Lutron provides an array of personalization that defines luxury living. 


Tunable lighting enables homeowners to pre-set their lights to every color imaginable and at their chosen intensity. In addition, this same lighting can be controlled automatically, changing throughout the day to match the changing sun's rays, creating a home that appears bathed in natural sunlight. 

In addition to creating a beautiful environment, this lighting promotes health and well-being by tuning the body to its natural circadian rhythm and the sleep-wake cycle.

Reduce Energy Usage

With high-performance dimmable LED technology, your clients will be reducing their carbon footprint and saving money at the same time. 

Integrating Lutron Lighting

Because Lutron continues to expand its technology, builders can integrate this system in the planning stages as well as during renovations and retrofits. Of course, being installed during the initial construction phase can offer some cost-saving benefits and coordinate with the home's architectural design.

Customized keypads replace dimmers and switches. Dimming modules and panels hide in a utility closet. If looking at a retrofit or remodel, Lutron has various wireless solutions that use a home’s existing wiring to install dimmers and smart switches.

At DSI Reno, we work with your team to ensure each stage is executed in the most cost-effective, professional, and client-centric fashion. We take the time to speak with them, ensuring they know the benefits home automation brings and learning what solutions would best make their home more enjoyable. By tackling this in the beginning stages, you can develop a bid that covers all aspects of the home design.

Ease of Use

Our certified technicians will make sure all the lighting is programmed and adjusted to suit your client’s needs. Pre-set scenes will enable them to control multiple home automation solutions with the touch of a button from their stylish in-wall customized keypads, touchscreen tablets, and smartphones.

Once ready for move-in, we'll work with the owners, adjusting their lights so that they highlight their valuable artwork and furnishings in the perfect color and temperature, making them look like the artist and craftsperson intended. 

Combined With Home Automation

As your clients realize the benefits home automation brings, they are likely to request additional integrations. At some point, they may decide it’s time for motorized shades, automated thermostats, smart security, or whole-home audio-video. We pride ourselves on being there for our partners and clients, developing and expanding their smart homes as their lives change. 

At DSI Reno, we partner with builders to create the dream home for their clients and increase value while reducing the sale time of homes going on the market. We strive to earn your trust and develop a partnership for life. To learn more about Lutron lighting solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact DSI Reno today. 

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