Why Home Builders Must Include Hidden Technology in Their Designs


Appeal to a growing market of Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe technology-loving homebuyers who are interested in saving time and energy

These days, hidden technology for home networks and smart house automation is becoming almost as popular in new home builds in the Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas as electricity and running water. Builders are smart to include this feature when making plans for new homes with architects and personal designers. The tech-savvy generation in today’s housing market is seeking well-connected, modern homes for the energy savings, increased security, and luxury. 

Read on to learn more about why companies like DSI Reno are working with home builders to provide prospective buyers with innovative, modern homes.

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The Appeal of A New Market

Smart home automation is expected to reach billions of homes over the next few years, so home builders are wise to get ahead of the trend. Homes with smart technology have increased value compared to “normal” homes, with the millennial generation leading the trend. An estimated 85% are willing to pay more for a home with smart features. 

In addition to wanting the convenience of controlling appliances from an app or with voice control, hidden technology that’s installed in drywall is great for those who like a minimalist look. No more bulky technology or unsightly modems needed for these upgrades: the technology is already built in!

Helping People Save Time and Money

It’s not impossible to integrate smart technology after a home build is complete; many homeowners have and are doing so. But it’s far easier and makes more sense to include hidden technology from the beginning, during the planning phases of construction. No more having to remove completed drywall to add wiring, which takes lots of time and can make a temporary mess of someone’s home. Including this installation from the beginning makes it easier to complete projects in the most cost-effective way. 

Proud Partners

DSI Reno is proud to partner with the industry’s leading architects, interior designers, and home builders to build quality homes for the Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe areas. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and attention to detail for ultimate client satisfaction. Integrating smart home hidden technology has never been more seamless. From motorized window shades, to smart lighting, and much more, we make it easy for builders to design homes that are as convenient as they are beautiful. Well-designed homes with peak functionality are a win-win for everyone.

Hidden Technology For New Home Builds

Ready to design new homes that are guaranteed to succeed on the market? Contact DSI Reno today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you. 

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