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DSI Team

Systems Integration Team

Patrick Hartman

Director of Business Operations
Office: 775-823-7300, ext. 21
Mobile: 775-790-4044
Email: patrick.hartman@dsireno.us

Tyler Mahoe

Director of Field Operations
Office: 775-823-7300, ext. 25
Mobile: 775-750-9559
Email: tyler.mahoe@dsireno.us

Aaron Lines

Office: 775-823-7314
Direct: 775-354-8885
Email: aaron.lines@dsireno.us

Matt Van Horn

Lead Technician
Phone: 775-750-3297
Email: matt.vanhorn@dsireno.us

David Brown

Phone – 775-233-5557

Angel Handlin

A/V Dept. Admin
Office: 775-823-7317
Email: angel.handlin@dsireno.us

Nick McCabe

Phone: 775-823-7300, x22
Email: nick.mccabe@dsireno.us

Fire Alarm / Life Safety Team

John Ermann, Jr.

Sales Manager
Office: 775-359-0396
Mobile: 775-750-0096
Email: john.ermann@deltafiresystems.us


Darrin Tuxon

Project Estimator
Office: 775-359-0396
Mobile: 775-313-6592
Email: darrin.tuxon@deltafiresystems.us

“Tic” Ehni

Project Manager
Office: 775-359-0396
Email: tic.ehni@deltafiresystems.us